Who Are The lords He’s Lord Of?

There is a vast difference between Jesus being your King and Jesus being your Lord.

A king rules a kingdom.

He is the leader and, as such, he is to take care of his people.

To protect them.

To guide them.

He is to make laws that help their behavior towards others in the kingdom so that all is fair and everyone is blessed and safe.

He decides all of the rules of his kingdom. If he is a good king, he will make good decisions. If not, he makes bad choices, laws or taxes and the people suffer.

To help with the ruling of his kingdom he employs trusted helpers to go and decree the laws, manage the treasury and protect the citizens. One of his laws is that the citizens fund these servants through their own finances. These servants are busy protecting, or fighting fires or managing the kingdom’s business so they have no time to be out farming for the food for their own families.  In appreciation, a small percent is given by each member of the kingdom to create an account to provide for these civil servants.

All of the above is kingly responsibility. It is what he promises and what he will provide.

Jesus has invited you to come into His Kingdom. He has invited you out of the Kingdom of Darkness where the devil is king.

The Kingdom of Darkness is where the king-devil rules with counterfeit authority that he stole from King Adam.

Where the king-devil uses people for his own benefit by hurting them with diseases and putting them in the bondage of debt.

Where the king-devil sits and enjoys watching the gladiator-like spectacle of people hating and hurting each other to their own emotional and, eventually, spiritual death.

The king-devil makes every choice, every rule, and every law in his kingdom with one thought: it is for his own benefit. No one is safe nor protected.

He also employs others to help run the king-devil kingdom: fearful, fighting, conniving, hating, lusting, bitter, victim mentality, diseased, gossiping demons and deceived humans.

The king-devil doesn’t ask for a simple 10% to help run his kingdom. He steals and hordes it all, the great dragon on his mountain pile of gold. Everyone in his kingdom is spiritually destitute, and if he can whisper it out of their hands they will live in constant poverty of soul, mind, and body.

The king-devil constantly breathes his lust for more, more, more on those in his rule, his slavery. They suddenly find themselves with the desire for more gotten by any means possible and they are deceived into giving him their treasures:





Time, time, time, time, time

Peace of Mind






Their Destiny

All of this piled up under a wicked king-devil, a vast monolith of stolen treasures.

But, he can’t keep people as his slaves. The demons are eternally his, but people are not. If they want to leave the Kingdom of Darkness and become citizens of the Kingdom of Light they can.

At any time.

They only but ask and are instantly translated (that means they don’t even have to walk there!) into the Kingdom of God’s Dear Son.

Living in the good land.

With the good King and all the benefits He’s already set in motion with more yet to come. Hallelujah!

However, Jesus being your King and being your Lord are two very different things.

You can be in the Kingdom of Light and still get mad at the King.

You can choose to not obey the rules.

You can choose to not work and help share the Kingdom load.

You can be rude, gossip and judge.

You can refuse your 10% to help the servants of the Kingdom.

You can talk bad about the King.

You can disagree with His decisions and criticize His decrees.

You can even lie about Him and say He did things that He did not do.

You can even blame Him for things the devil does.

You can be chafed and grumble.

He is still the King and you are in His Kingdom.

But He is not your Lord.

To become your Lord something very specific has to happen. Up until now, all the action has been on the part of the King. Now it is about your action.

In the Old Testament and Covenant there two titles: Lord and lord.

Lord for the God who was the Eternal and Self Existent One: Yehovah

Or the lord who was a ruler: Adon

In the New Testament and Covenant, there is only one title for both Lord and lord.

Kurios: A word used as a respectful title for one who has been given supreme authority. Lord, Master, Sir. Who grants this title? Who gives the supreme authority? You do. His supreme authority over every aspect of your life.

Here is your part:

A true and heartfelt recognition of how worthy of respect are his deeds. This isn’t some shallow, Sunday school lesson acknowledgment, but true admiration. Then because of this deep, reverent admiration of Him, your heart yearns and longs to pledge a lifelong allegiance to Him and do everything He says.

This allegiance causes Him to become, in your heart alone, your Liege-Lord.

There was an ancient ceremony where one prince would pay homage to another. This meant that there would be a lifelong obligation of fealty – or fidelity – and service.

I am the prince of my own free will. But I choose and make a vow to pledge myself into His life-long service with total fidelity, total faithfulness.

This ceremony required:

A Pledge of Reverence

A Pledge of Submission


A Pledge of Service

There is now to be to only one Lord, not any others (like my hobbies, or my feelings or my obligations.)

This is a solemn vow to be “his man” alone.

To fight for the Lord and His commands.

To provide military service against the enemy.

To tend to the Lord’s manor.

To assist the Lord in governance.

To kindly oversee those of lesser status.

Whatever He says to me, that I live to do.

Jesus pledged his lordship to the Lord God.

The water-pot filling servants pledged their lordship to the Lord Jesus.

Peter letting down the net and walking on the water was pledging his lordship to the Lord Jesus.

So did the Roman Centurion, and Jairus, and Lazarus and Paul.

So did Martin Luther.

So did Billy Graham.

But there are many who do not.

Here are the Lord Jesus’ words: If you love me, you will keep my commands.

And, not only His commands to not kill – He also has these commands:

Do not let your heart troubled. Do not let it be afraid.

Be anxious for nothing.

Do not judge.

If you have anything against anyone, forgive.

And now it makes sense why He will say to some, “I don’t know you. You called me Lord, Lord but you did not do the things I asked.

He is my King, but I want to make sure He is my Lord.

That is why I examine my heart before communion.

It is a covenant meal with and before my Lord.

I hereby pledge in solemn vow

To be faithful

Whatever You and Your Word say to me

That, My Lord, I will do

No matter how inconvenient

No matter how uncomfortable

I will shape my life to Your Word

You are my Lord unto death

And, (Glory!) beyond.



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