Have you ever met a grumpy theologian?

Sadly, I have not only met a few, but have also been punched in the heart by the black and white debater. I agree that God means exactly what He says and we are not to take liberties. He cautions us to not change one jot of His Word.

But do you have to slap me if you don’t agree with me? Theologians have been debating for thousands of years about certain biblical passages. Can my suggestion simply be added to the mix without personal attack?

Perhaps I am a child in my understanding. However, when a child offers you a scribbled drawing of what she thinks is a horse it is hurtful to point out her lack of drawing ability. In fact, it makes her not want to give you any gift from her heart in the future.

Also, if I am remembering the scripture right, Jesus liked little children.

Long ago, I had been discouraged by my lack of ability to connect in a meaningful way with God. With excitement, I discovered that I like to write to Him. Seems polite as He has written letters to me, I didn’t want His mailbox to be empty! As a result, I would write Him poems or prayers. It was a wonderful and lovely experience. It drew me deeper into His Word, to see what else He had to say to me.

I made the mistake of sharing my newfound inspiration with a church staff prayer leader. The harsh reply I received was, “It is not a prayer if it is written. It is only a prayer if it is spoken out loud!” My heart fell flat. I continued to write to God, but I rarely ever tell anyone nor share anything I think is especially delightful. I guess that is the way it is supposed to be as Love Letters Aren’t to Be Shared.

I concede that I could learn more about prayer, however, I wasn’t going to attend a prayer service or seminar and risk the chance of being shamed. He took my shame (I believe, if I am reading the scripture correctly…)

If you have also been slapped by the Grumpy Theologian, please give your heart a hug, know that God is close to the broken hearted and He’d like to get a love letter from you in His mail box.

And if you are the G.T., beware. I think, I could be wrong, forgive me if I am overreaching, but the red letters in my Bible say you need to be careful with child-like hearts…Woe to those by whom offenses come. (Of course, I am not a Greek Scholar, I am just His child.)

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