My Soul Lover

Human interaction hurts.

The deeper the intimacy, the deeper the pain.

It isn’t imaginary.  It is a soul’s wound you feel.

And you are stalked by a soul-hater.  The minute the heart bleeds your soul-hater brings a lie to your mind and tells you how much you don’t matter, along with every other hurtful lie since the beginning of time.

The blood of your soul’s heart melds with the lie and becomes a heart-fear.  And you close it down, put up the wall, tuck it away…tuck you away.

Jesus cares about how our hearts feel.  He cares about our emotions.  And He wants to Take Care Of Them.  But if you don’t admit you’ve got a wound there is nothing for Him to help.

Behind the rose colored glasses are eyes that glisten with tears.

The Lover of Your Soul wants to know.  He wants to help you heal.  He wants to hold your heart.

Be cool.  or.  Be whole.


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